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Giuseppe Barillari

Full-stack software engineer

What’s this?

“The Giants of Mont'e Prama are ancient stone sculptures created by the Nuragic civilization of Sardinia, Italy. Fragmented into numerous pieces, they were discovered in March 1974 on farmland near Mont'e Prama, in the comune of Cabras, province of Oristano, in central-western Sardinia. The statues are carved in local sandstone and their height varies between 2 and 2.5 meters.”

- Giants of Mont'e Prama. (2023, August 28). In Wikipedia.


Past Projects



Nouse is a newspaper. It is the oldest student society at the University of York. I recently worked on the re-design and implementation of their website.



ShockSoc is the University of York's engineering society. When I was elected secretary of the society, the website was a bit dated. I re-designed and developed the new website to include a built-in Content Management System for committee members.

More about me

Hi I’m Giuseppe 👋🏼.

I’m a full-stack software engineer from Sardinia(🇮🇹), based in York(🇬🇧).

I am a 22 years old software engineer with a background in electronic engineering.

I like making pretty websites.I like coffee.I like Formula 1.I like making pizza.I like material design.I like Pizza.I like cooking.I like music.I like road trips.I like art.I like history.I like gardening.I like photography.I like technology.I like working out.I like concerts.

I’m also pursuing an MEng in Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of York.


Technical Director

Implemented a modern website while maintaining the already deployed infrastructure.

Software Developer Summer Intern

Full stack development of various web applications in the financial risk analytics sector. Developed and deployed an algorithm for data reporting with end-user-defined hierarchy constraints. The web applications stacks included Vite, React, SQL, NodeJS and an in-house components library styled with SCSS.

Software Developer Summer Intern

Full stack development and deployment of two internal web applications designed to broaden employees' skills. The two stacks included Docker, ReactJS, Java SpringBoot and ExpressJS.

DocOps Cloud Engineer Summer Intern

Designed and implemented the DocOps flow used by the Knaresborough branch. The job focused on Python and Docker during the prototyping stage and AWS and GCP during the deployment phase. Thousands of employees across different branches and departments are now using a product derived from the proposed implementation.


Organised and coordinated a wide range of events including speaker talks, technical workshops and Q-Factor.

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